Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Photographing Newborns/Babies

I'm trying to learn tips and tricks and technicals on shooting newborns and babies. For the time being, I'll just insert couple of links. Will add what I learnt later.
Link to Kodak's site
Digital Grin Newborn Thread

The main tips that I learnt from several mail threads are:
  • Lighting:
    • Try to use natural light as much as possible. Best option here is to take the newborn close to the window and take snaps.
    • Carry a flash with you, and use a bounce flash. It's absolutely not a good idea to use the flash directly on the face of a newborn.
    • In the hospital lighting, newborns generate lot of IR, and you need a good IR filter (either inbuilt or external).
  • Composing
    • Get on to the level of baby, instead of shooting standing up, and making them look like dwarves.
    • Close-up's generally always work well with babies. But try to include other people also in some snaps.
  • Equipment
    • Flash
    • Wide Angle (especially for small setup for the birthing room) lens.
    • Fast Lens (for low light).
    • Zoom lens (If you want to take photos of the baby lying far away inside the nursery)
    • Filters
      • Polarizer (to cut reflections on nursery glass, if necessary)
      • IR filter (may not be necessary)


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