Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Polarizer and RAW mode

Recently there was a question :
"Would it make a difference using a polarizing filter if I shoot in RAW mode?"

My Answer was
Yes, it would make a difference.

These are two completely different areas. The filters that you put in front
of the camera modifies how the camera sees the external world. The
processing setting inside the camera modifies how YOU see what the camera
has seen. By going to RAW mode, you are asking the camera to be dumb and not
try to use it's intelligence to make the picture look good in your eyes
(because you think you can do a better job using s/w tools). It has got
nothing to do with using polarizer.

For example, using a circular polarizer, you can cut down reflections while
shooting through a glass. If you do not use a circular polarizer, it will be
very difficult, if not impossible, to remove the reflections on the glass.